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Title                                         Publisher


Chorale, Arioso and Fugue on "Wachet auf" (organ, small orchestra)
Concert Variations for Violin, Piano and Orchestra
Concerto for Contrabass and Orchestra
Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra
Concierto de Los Angeles
(organ and orchestra)   MSt
Elegy and Dithyramb
Fanfare on 'Wer nur den lieben Gott'
Fantasy on 'Cortege et Litanie'
Invocación de los Elementos (2 movements)
Psalm Variations
Revelations and Transformations
Symphony #1
(3 movements)
Symphony #4 (3 movements)
Symphony #5 (3 movements)
Symphony #7 - Mythologies
Three Pieces for Orchestra
Variations for Orchestra
Voces Organi (organ 2 players, strings, percussion.)

Chorus and Orchestra

Behold, I Will Make All Things New (SATB, small orchestra)
Behold, I Will Make All things New (SATB, large orchestra)
Five American Folk Hymns (chorus, orchestra)  ECS
   Jerusalem, Jerusalem
   My God, My Portion
   Now the Savior
   Saw Ye My Savior?
   Come, Thou Fount

From the Realm of the Sea (8 movements, chorus, orchestra)  ECS
Jubilate Deo (SATB, small orchestra, revision of 1964 work)
The Rossetti Songs (4 movements, chorus, small orchestra)  ECS
Songs of Eternity (3 movements, chorus, orchestra)  ECS

Wind Orchestra

Metopes (2 movements)
Symphony #2
Symphony #3 - Guernica
Symphony #6 (3 movements)
Symphony #7 - Mythologies (3 movements)

Chorus (unaccompanied)

All We Like Sheep (SATB)
Come to Me (Echo)
(SATB from Rossetti Songs)  ECS
I to the Hills (SATB)
Psalm 6 (SATB)
Psalm 121 (SATB)

Chorus and instrument(s)

A Calendar (SA, piano)  ECS
Ah, Holy Jesus ( unison chorus, organ)  ECS
Bless the Lord (SATB chorus, harp and organ)  ECS
Built on the Rock (SATB, brass quartet, organ)  ECS
Cćcelia decantabat Domino (SATB, organ)
Christ is Made the Sure Foundation
(unison chorus, brass, percussion, organ)  ECS
Come Thou Long-expected Jesus
(SAB, organ)  ECS
Festival Carol (SATB, organ)  Aug
Five American Folk Hymns
Saw Ye My Savior? (SATB, organ)  ECS
Come, Thou Fount ( SATB, organ)  ECS
My God, My Portion (SATB, organ)  ECS
Jerusalem, Jerusalem (SATB, organ)  ECS
Now the Savior (SATB, organ)  ECS
Four Psalms of Isaac Watts (SATB, organ)
From the Realm of the Sea (8 movements, chorus, orchestra)  ECS
Go, Therefore, and Make Disciples of Nations
(SATB chorus, brass quartet, organ)
High in the Heavens (SATB, organ)
Hodie Christus natus est (SATB, organ)
How Firm a Foundation (SATB, organ)  ECS
Hymn of Progress (SATB, organ)
I Will Extol Thee (SATB, trumpet, organ)
In Excelsis Gloria (8 movements, SATB chorus, harp, piano)  ECS
Jubilate Deo (SATB, organ, 2 trumpets, percussion)
Lift Up Your Heart (SATB, trumpet, organ)
Missa Regina Coeli (SATB, organ)  B&H
Pange lingua (unison chorus, organ)
The Peace which Passeth Understanding (SATB, organ)  ECS
Praise to the Spinner (SATB, brass quintet, organ)  Aug
Psalm 150 (SATB, organ (small setting))
Psalm 150 (SATB, organ, 2 trumpets, percussion)
The Rossetti Songs (4 movements, SATB, harp)  ECS
Sing to the Lord a Joyful Song (SATB, treble chorus, organ)
Sing to the Lord of Harvest (SATB, treble chorus, brass, handbells, organ)  Aug
Sing We Merrily unto God (SATB, organ, trumpets, trombones, percussion)  ECS
Thy Name is Love (SATB chorus, oboe (or clarinet) and organ)  ECS
Under the Sun (SATB, organ)
Welcome All Wonders (SATB, organ)  ECS
Who is This Who Comes from Far (soprano, organ)

Vocal Solo

Libation (soprano, piano 4-hands)
O Come and Mourn (alto, organ)
Two Songs on Anonymous English Ballads (soprano, piano)
   I. The Falcon
   II. I Sing of a Maiden

Chamber Ensemble

Bacchanale (alto flute, violoncello, harp, percussion)
Brass Quintet #1
Brass Quintet #2
Concert Music for Harpsichord, Flute and String Quartet
Diferencias sobre un tema original
(violin, violoncello, piano)
(8 violoncellos, 2 contrabasses)
Fantasy #1
(8 cellos, revision of Fantasia, 1972)
Fantasy #2 for Eight Cellos
Fantasy #3 for Eight Cellos
Five Studies for Seven Players (flute, clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello, harp, percussion)
Flutissimo (six flutes, bass clarinet)
Fugae (guitar, violoncello, alto flute)
Il est né (handbells)
Partita on Cranham (oboe and organ) ECS
Prelude Modale (handbells)
Recitative and Lament (violin, piano)
Three Psalms of David (soprano, string quartet)

Organ Solo

Adagio for Organ
Cranham Variations
Deux Danses (Miroir de Meduse, Cercle des Bacchantes)  MSt
Fanfare on ‘Wer nur den lieben Gött’
Fantasy on ‘Cortege et Litanie’
Five Variations for Organ
(I. Arachne's Web; II. The Gift of Nessus)  MSt
Three Trios for Organ
Variations on ‘Christ lag in Todesbanden’

Two Organs

Chantasy  MSt
Psalm Variations
(two players, one organ)  MSt

Other Instrumental Solo

Fantasy for Harp Solo
Three Pieces for Harp

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